Sailors on the Starless Sea

It was a near TPK.  Mike and Rob both came out with one original 0-Level guy still alive, but Larry and Brian were killed off.  I had a stack of new pre-rolled, and every-time someone died they got a replacement, so every player had 3 characters at all times.  Nonetheless, I still had to skip the leviathan lurking in the underground lake and hurry the party up the ziggurat and past the 22 beast-men.  Was the module supposed to be that hard?  It was a total bloodbath, which is absolutely perfect for our inaugural game.  As I see it, a total bloodbath is needed to prove that all characters are mortal.  This adds some stake to the game, because the players know they really could die at any time (unlike the heroes of The Hobbit 2).  I like the 0-Level system a lot, because now we are set up to create 1st-Level characters who already have a backstory.  And I like the Luck system, which gives even wimpy 0-Level guys a chance to do something bad-ass.  As for this particular adventure, Sailors On The Starless Sea, I didn’t like the intro or rumor chart, so I made my own which you can find attached here as a pdf:

Sailors On The Starless Sea (Alternate introduction and rumors chart)

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