Our heroes this time…

Pog with eyes2

  • Pog got his eyes back!  He now carries the “magic crossbow” found within the Ghost Ice.  He has joined the congregation of Choranus and is secretly an agent of the Dwarven Brotherhood, working to overthrow King Archie.
  • Pious the cleric has been tasked with bringing the head of Uldor Oryx to the nearest temple of Law.  He’s been given a small crystal ball with which to predict the whims of his disapproving deity, Choranus, lord of creation.
  • Storg the warrior wears a suit of full plate mail (Armor Class 17) and carries 6 magic coins which, instead of depicting King Archie, show a frowning wizard with a resemblance to Curwen.
  • Curwen the wizard has found his first scroll.  His ancestors continue to visit him in ghost form to warn him from the path of wizardry, and he has learned Sezrekan the wizard was his great great grandfather.

New additions to the party:

  • Whipplestan Bearslayer, esquire, (the elf) learns he was banished from the deep woods for the crime of suicidal thoughts, considered unthinkable to the immortal races.  His punishment was to be made mortal.
  • Chub the evil turnip farmer has given up honest work for the path of the assassin.  A turnip-based diet will do that to a guy.
  • The northlanders Ungal the Untamed (warrior) and Gak the fisherman (thief) now crave the metal weapons and gold of the civilized lands.
  • Ra’Lerl the northlander is ready to level up but has only a Luck of 3, making her prospects in the civilized lands seem dismal.  Being a thief would suck, but she might make a decent warrior or cleric.
  • While in the northlands, Pog, Storg and Curwen took barbarian brides (0 level hunters and gatherers).  Can the denizens of King Archie’s realm interbreed with the northland races?  Tune in next time to find out.

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