Elzemon and the Blood-drinking Box

Elzemon and the Blood-drinking Box is more of a horror module than an adventure module. There is no map to speak of, so no “mode of exploration”. Instead, the characters spend most of their time walking down a long, seemingly endless staircase. Cue death by boredom! This adventure is grueling and torturous, appealing to the DM’s sadistic side, and I enjoyed keeping the characters up all night with Elzemon’s powers of illusion. Unfortunately, our game had a 5 hour time limit, so the characters never got to battle the swarm of fangsights, which were the coolest monster here. By contrast, the giant hairless cats were slightly comical. Most of all, this adventure relies on the “mode of logistics” – Encourage everyone to bring extra torches, lest the second half will take place completely in the dark. I enjoyed this one as a departure from a regular map-based adventure, but I think something is missing if the characters are never faced with choices such as which door to open. The creepy setting was cool, but our party of adventurers made quick work of the hairless cats and of invisible little Elzemon since both clerics have the Word of Command spell. There were no major fatalities: Only a 0 level and the three hirelings died. Am I a bad person for wanting a higher body count? If only the fangsights had come into play, I’m sure we could have had our first 1st level fatality. Sigh.

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