Blood for the Serpent King

Blood For The Serpent King is only about four rooms long, but our party of fierce adventurers was nonetheless forced to their wits’ end and the very limits of their capabilities. This module has a solid Mayan snake-guy theme, a puzzle element, and a couple of killer combat encounters: Our party never made it up the ziggurat thanks to the giant sea serpent. And lets not forget the terror and awesomeness of the finale location. The map is worth copying for player view—You have to see the art to understand the wickedness of the ziggurat and black storm. This short adventure is an add on to Bride Of The Black Manse and escaped my scrutiny at first, but level 2 comes before level 3, so…

This was the game our group really started to feel their Mighty Deeds and Spellburn. Mighty Deeds is a great mechanic because the players can just make it up on the spot. Spell casting is much more complicated, to the point of uselessness unless every wizard, elf and cleric has a copy of the rulebook to scrutinize. Thanks to People Them With Monsters for providing spell sheet downloads, bcuz having a handout for every spell is the only way to for new players to know their powers. The Enlarge spell totally kicked ass and somehow gave better Armor Class bonuses than the Magic Shield spell. A maximum spellburn by Whipplestan the elf to summon aid from the King of Elfland was the party’s only hope for survival after the giant water serpent wiped out the rope bridge. Several characters were killed and brought back from 0 Hit Points in the nick of time, adding an immense tension to the game, and the party’s inability to reach the top of the ziggurat and “finish” the adventure made it all the more powerful in the imagination. The sense of wonder and satisfaction was great! All thanks to the Dark Master for making possible such a fine Saturday afternoon!

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