Our heroes this time…

Our heroes this time

  • The bandit Storg has got himself some new silver teeth
  • Ra’lerl, Pupil of Amon Tor, is now a 2nd level cleric
  • Curwen the enchanter lost 8 inches in height thanks to a magical mishap
  • Ungal the Untamed, wilding of the northlands, put his new battle axe to good use
  • Bill S Preston esquire, the elf barrister, kicked ass with his Enlarge spell and faithful familiar, a giant beetle called Reggie
  • Pog the dwarf has found a curious monocle and set of lenses
  • Chub, thug of the Assassin’s Guild, keeps hanging around looking suspicious
  • Pious Crickney, heathen-slayer of Choranus, saved many souls from Bleeding Out
  • Stranded and doomed at the base of the wicked-evil ziggurat, the elf Whipplestan Bearslayer esquire saved the party by convincing everyone to commit suicide and escape into the immortal lands, thanks to a favor from the King of Elfland

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