Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom

Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom is probably the worst title for a DCC adventure, clunky, over-written, and inaccurate, but once I saw the map/diagram on the last page I couldn’t stop wondering what it was all about.  This module is a tantalizing play-environment in the form of newly-discovered islands in need of exploration.  It evokes The Isle of Dread with steamy jungles ruled by dinosaurs, King Kong with a ginormous ape character, and A. Merrit in the form of flying, sentient metal blocks that can coalesce into various forms.  What this adventure did right was give meaningful player choices.  At the onset, there are many ways to approach the mysterious islands.  Our team ignored the caldera and maze of sunken ruins, both super-cool features, and instead landed on the peaceful beach with no opposition.  This adventure also had lots of cool NPCs to tussle with, and by a luck of the wandering monster dice, they met the ginormous ape depicted on the cover for an epic battle.  I was pleased to see that some player choices could result in extremely dangerous encounters, while other choices could take you quickly to the story’s heart.  Our party suffered casualties from random spider-men, yet conquered the Undying Queen post haste with a cleric’s paralysis spell.  There was so much crammed into this module it becomes muddled at times, but there is so much excellent possibility unleashed that I experienced the “mode of exploration” myself–I really didn’t know which way it would go, what would happen next, or where the real threat lay.  Like most DCC modules, the Kovacs cartography is superb and the Poag title page is lovely.  And to the players’ surprise, unlike most DCC modules, there is an infinite amount of gold to be found!  I give this one two thumbs up.


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