Our Heroes This Time

  • King Archie announces his new flag design:


  • 5 new Barons of North Port have been announced:

Baron Pious

Baron Storg, Iron Tooth

Baron Pog, Hammer Face

Baron Bill S Preston, Wanderer

Baron Curwen, Son of Nurwen

  • Curwen the wizard & Bill the elf now both cast the Enlarge spell and have used it to make mince meat of King Kong
  • The clerics Pious & Ra’Lerl have built competing shrines and begin to collect followers
  • Pog the dwarf & Pious the cleric have invested in Curwen’s scheme to build an armory in North Port
  • Ungal the Untamed craves the frozen airs of the northlands from whence he came
  • Chub the thief is now a 2nd level Murderer
  • Storg the warrior is now a father
  • The last of the dog-faeries have been exterminated

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