The Jeweler That Dealt in Stardust & The Imperishable Sorceress

The Jeweler That Dealt In Stardust is a short heist adventure for a party of thieves. Unfortunately, our party’s only thief died in the first scene, so the rest was about smashing safes with warhammers and triggering a bunch of traps. This was a claustrophobic adventure with a map on a 1 ft scale that consisted of five scenes at most, but kept our party busy for hours. Calling this a level 3 adventure is a bit of a stretch unless all of the characters are de-armored thieves with low hit points. It had the basic elements of a good adventure: Unique/Interesting setting, and weird/new monsters.

One thing I like about DCC is the lack of a Monster Manual. The shadow spiders are only going to appear in this module, and the next module will have a different foe. I appreciate the lack of stock villains in their writing. It keeps each game fresh and the players guessing. Of course, themes tend to develop; the Shadow occurs here and in Elzemon and the Blood-drinking Box; But they seem to have stopped Shadows right there at two instances. I would never buy a DCC monster manual; That’s the module’s job!

Later in the evening we played The Imperishable Sorceress with just us three musketeers (me, Mike and Rob) as it was in ancient times. I had the benefit of having played this module as a PC a couple of weeks before at Funagain Games (thanks Mario!) which helped me be able to run this adventure after a certain number of Pabst. Adapted to our campaign, it was a sequel to Frozen in Time, so our party was accompanied by many Neolithic 0-levels, yet still managed to botch it and drop the demon-bane sword into the chasm after being stung by a bitch wasp (spoiler alert!) Oh well, you can’t win them all, and the ones you don’t win only add weight to the ones you do.

All hail the Dark Master!

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