Well of the Worm

My players did not want to climb into the Well of the Worm, and I don’t really blame them: It’s a slime-encrusted hole in the ground that blood-drinking worms crawl out of.  This adventure was short and simple, a little too simple.  The characters spent most of their time battling zombies that vomit acid, the same foes again and again.  The treasure features healing potions, a cliche magic item that has been eliminated from later modules.  As a horror adventure, it was good and creepy, but it didn’t have any of the bells or whistles that I’ve come to expect from Goodman Games.  There are no puzzles or twists, only straight forward hacking and slashing.  Also, these digest-sized modules are always a bit of a disappointment to me.  You pay full price but don’t get as much art or content.  The Kovacs map looked good but didn’t exactly sync with the text.  This kind of editing oversight annoys the shit out of me (The index of Mutant Crawl Classics, ugh!) but can be overlooked for awesome locales to explore, neato monsters to battle, and meaningful player choices to make.  Well of the Worm didn’t go far enough with any of these.

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